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Sell Your Hard Drives

Sell Your Hard Drives

Sell Your Excess New or Used Hard Drives to Viixim

Viixim is an environment conscious Company that believes in the reusing of older or used Computer Electronics. Most electronic waste is sent to landfills or incinerated, which releases materials such as lead, mercury, or cadmium into the soil, groundwater, and atmosphere, thus having a negative impact on the environment. Many materials used in computer hardware can be recovered by recycling for use in future production. Help Viixim save our environment from unnecessary destruction!

What Hard drives Do We Buy?

Viixim has a minimum purchase of 10 hard drives but Viixim has the capacity to buy thousands of hard drives at a time.

  • Condition - New or Used
  • Brand - Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Toshiba, HP, IBM
  • Capacity or Density - 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB, 6TB, 8TB, 10TB (Possibly lower capacity depending on model numbers and quantity)
  • Connector - SATA, SAS, SSD, SCSI
  • RPM - 5400pm, 7200rpm, 10,000rpm, 15,000rpm
  • Size - 3.5" Desktop or Server Drives & 2.5" Laptop Drives and 2.5" Server Drives
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Why Sell Your Hard Drives To Viixim?

Viixim KNOWS how VALUABLE your data is so feel safe knowing your Data will be safe in our hands. Viixim has over 20 years of experience with trained technicians on staff to assure that all your Data has been properly destroyed. Viixim's data destruction software is backed and approved by the D.O.D. (Department Of Defense) so you can fill at ease that all of the data you have on your equipment will be destroyed. Viixim can provide certificates with every single serial number to provide the proof of data erasure. Viixim is an environment conscious Company that believes in the reusing of older or used Computer Electronics to stop the destruction of our environment. Help Viixim save our environment from anymore unnecessary destruction.

PUT MONEY BACK IN YOUR POCKETS Viixim has specialized in E.O.L. (end of life) products for over 20 years so we have established many partnerships to assure you will get your highest return for your hardware. Instead of spending money having to warehouse your old hardware let Viixim put money back in your pockets to add to your bottom line. Viixim has many different buyback programs or we can even customize anything to fit any customer’s needs. Viixim will also take hardware on consignment as well if consignment would be a better fit for you. Viixim doesn’t only deal in used older hardware so we can also provide you with very aggressive prices to save money on your new computer hardware budgets. Viixim has many direct relationships with many computer hardware manufacturers & distributors so we can request special pricing, register deals to assure you are getting the very best prices available.

How To Sell Your Sell Your Hard Drives To Viixim?

Viixim knows how valuable your time is so we take pride in saving our customers time and effort to make this as seamless as possible.

  • Fill out the short form on this page.
  • A Viixim Purchasing agent will contact you directly to discuss any special needs you would like to make this as deal as seamless as possible.
  • The Viixim Agent will discuss cost of goods and terms of the deal then send a hard copy of the legally binding Purchase Order with all details attached to it.
  • Viixim will quickly arrange all shipping or pick up onsite if needed.
  • Once your product arrives at one of our warehouses we will begin to inventory all product that has arrived on your Purchase Order.
  • Viixim will start the data erasure/testing process to make sure all your data is destroyed and the product is in full working condition.
  • Viixim will email you a full report of all of the results along with all your Certificates of proof of data destruction (all of this can be mailed faxed or emailed).
  • YOU GET PAID! Viixim will mail you out a Company check, pay you through PayPal or pay cash depending on location and terms.
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